What happens to your kids if you die in New Zealand?

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What happens to your children if something fatal should happen to you in New Zealand?

You probably started the immigration process to give your children a better future. You arrive in New Zealand with your family and big adventure begins. But then something tragic happens, and you unexpectedly die. The thought of your children all alone in a new country can be horrifying and is a dilemma that many families new to New Zealand have to face.

Most new Immigrants or workers have a Will back home, but not in New Zealand.

What happens if you don’t have a Will?  In the case where you do not have a partner or your partner dies with you, your children will immediately be taken up in the New Zealand Foster Care System where they will stay until a suitable guardian can be found.

Should the appointed guardians live in the country where you originated from, it will take some time before the kids are reunited with their guardians. The guardians will have to prove to the New Zealand Judicial system that they are suitable as Guardians, which will involve lawyers etc.

Another problem is that a Guardian cannot just get into a car and come to pick up the kids. Flights, visas and costs involved are all aspects to be considered and the process followed by the New Zealand Judicial system will also take time.

Whilst having a Will can make the problem a little easier, where the Guardians are appointed in the Will, the time it will take for the Guardians to get to New Zealand is still a problem. The children will be placed in foster care until their appointed Guardians arrive, unless you as parents appoint Interim Guardians.

As a Financial Adviser I have spoken to many families that are facing this predicament and as an immigrant myself I understand the worry you may have if your kids were to be placed in foster care until their Legal Guardians are able to fetch them.

Appointing Interim Guardians:

You can nominate Interim Guardians for your kids.  This purely means that your kids will be safely cared for by someone you nominate until their Legal Guardians can be reached and the necessary arrangement can be made for the children to be safely reunited with them.

If you don’t know anyone in New Zealand whom you can nominate as Interim Guardians, please discuss this with me.  There is a unique solution and together we can make sure you make the best decisions for your children’s wellbeing.

What you will need: A Will, Life Cover, Interim Guardians, Testamentary Trust, Permanent Guardians and assistance to get the Guardians in New Zealand.

As a Financial Adviser I will help you to set all these up, and to make sure that it everything is done the correct way.   Keep in mind that if there is enough money we will be able to assist the Legal Guardians to maybe move to New Zealand to care for the children, should they qualify.  That will mean that your wishes to move your kids to a safe country can be fulfilled. What a legacy to leave!!!

Feel free to contact me to explain this whole process to you.

Jan Viljoen

022 599 8127



What happens to the kids?


4 thoughts on “What happens to your kids if you die in New Zealand?”

  1. We have a will that was drawn up
    In South Africa – the guardians named in this will live in NZ already. Will this existing will be recognized in NZ ? Or would we need a different document drawn up officially in NZ ?
    Many thanks

    1. Hi, your South African will cannot be recognized in New Zealand. Your South African Lawyers can appoint Lawyers in New Zealand to get the affairs done here. Except that it can take years it will cost heaps of money. Best is to have a New Zealand will.

    1. Hi Lou-Ann. As soon as you have any assets in New Zealand or if your children is here, then it is best practice to have a will. A will speaks for you at death.

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