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What is Permanent Disability Insurance?

Permanent disability insurance (also known as Total Permanent Disablement, or TPD, insurance) is a policy which pays a non-taxable lump sum benefit if you are unable to work in your own occupation due to illness or injury, and you are unlikely to ever be able to resume that occupation.

From a financial point of view, permanent disablement is more catastrophic than death itself. Not only has your income-earning potential gone, but you remain alive and you have all the day to day consumption needs that everybody else has, such as feeding, clothing, caring, housing, heating, treating, transporting, communicating and entertaining. Permanent disablement is an expensive way to live.

If you suffer partial and permanent disablement, you could receive a partial permanent disability benefit of up to 25% of your total disability benefit,

payable as a tax-free lump sum




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