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Trauma Cover

How would you and your family cope financially if you suffered from a heart attack, loss of limb, cancer or a stroke? What if you couldn’t work and needed to pay for huge medical costs? Don’t worry, the Trauma Cover lump sum benefit will make a real difference in helping to meet these costs. 

Trauma Cover pays a lump sum if you suffer a specified condition such as a stroke, a heart attack, cancer or loss of a limb. If a physical trauma means you can’t work, or have to meet significant medical costs, you won’t have to suffer financial trauma too.

You can also add one or more optional benefits for which  you will pay an additional premium. This benefit is available either in conjunction with Life Assurance (accelerated benefit), where a claim will reduce the life cover, or on its own (standalone benefit).

Suffering a serious illness is devastating in any circumstances but the burden will be far greater if your financial security is also put at risk. A person suffering from one of the four main critical illnesses (heart attack, heart disease, cancer or stroke) has a nearly 50% chance of surviving for up to 10 years beyond the critical incident. However, in many cases this involves a reduced working capacity and necessitates significant lifestyle changes and costs. A lump sum benefit can make a real difference in meeting these costs.